Sunday, June 11, 2017

THREE MONTHS | 6-11-17

Hart Barnett Heeter
THREE MONTHS | 6-11-17

mobile above bed
being on the changing table
tummy time
copying funny noises
playing on the activity mat
chewing hands
smacking stomach
being woken up from naps

being laid in the crib
getting bored
staying swaddled all night
pool time (for now!)

rolling over
chuckling (not quite a giggle)
copying sounds/noises

Things we can't live without:
tank top onesies
bear bonnet
homemade mobile
owl sound machine/nightlight/star projector

Looking forward to
liking the pool
sitting up

Saturday, June 3, 2017

12 Weeks Old!

3 weeks vs 12 weeks

How old
12 weeks

Still doing awesome! Hart averages around 10-11 hours a night! He has been getting up earlier and we think it's because it's so bright in his room. We have some room darkening shades we're gonna put up this weekend to hopefully remedy this! He is also all over the place for naps. Some days he naps around 3 hours total, some days about an hour. Luckily it doesn't change his night sleep much.

Having Jon's family here was really fun! We did a lot, and relaxed! We ate a lot of good food, watched some tv, and did some shopping! Nana and poppy took advantage of the outlet mall and really spoiled Hart with clothes for 6-9 months. He's going to be so fashionable! We also got to go to Breckenridge Brewery again, and Hart was a superstar like last time!

Jon and I had a couple fun dates this week. We did a picnic after work on Wednesday at Genevieve's favorite CO park. We had sandwiches, watermelon, chips, and angel food cake with fruit and cream. YUM! Hart snoozed a lot of it, but also hung out in the shade and oohed at the sky.

 Hart and I met Jon for lunch on Thursday and we went to a placed called Avanti. It's a big building that they converted to a bar, multiple restaurants, and a generally awesome hang out spot. You can even get food and walk down the road to a brewery! Jon and I tried arepas for the first time and they were so good. We also got tiramisu for dessert. 
Helping dad with some work
Today we had to go downtown to get Jon's stuff from work, and we walked around Denver for a bit. It was super fun, and we even found a chalk art contest! It was pretty intense. When we got home, we got ready for Hart's first pool experience! He really didn't mind dipping his toes in the water, but once his booty (and other bits) got wet, he was pretty done. We had a nice little bath, and are relaxing now!

This isn't a low for me, but there have been tons of thunderstorms the past few weeks and Happy is miserable. He is very stressed, hides in corners, and follows you around like a shadow. Poor little pup. Luckily, the rest of us have been pretty good!

Hart is still eating well and consistently. He's not gaining a ton of weight, which worries me, but he is gaining length. He also has tons of wet diapers, so I know he's getting enough food. It's a little discouraging to see the number on the scale stay the same, but he's happy, sleeps well, eats often, and is overall doing great. I'm trying not to obsess over it, but I usually ask Jon each morning or night to weigh Hart. He had moved to eating every 4 hours, and then going 12 hours at night. Since he's not gaining weight, I'm trying to move him to every 3 hours to see if that changes things. He doesn't really let us know when he's hungry, so that makes things difficult. He's almost too relaxed!

No huge ones the past few weeks, but he's definitely trying to impersonate our sounds more and more. He loves when I roll my r's at him, and it's really precious to see him trying to do it back. He's starting to repeat vowels, which is really neat. I've been trying to teach him how to roll over, but he's more interested in holding his head up for now. 
One thing we noticed is that he's now starting to cry when he wants to play with us! He used to cry if he needed food, changing, or sleep, but now he cries to get our attention. Hart also is starting to get quite chatty! It's real fun to hear his little voice, especially during story time! He loves to chime in. 

Looking forward to
This next week being over! Jon will be on trial this week, which means he'll be working extra hard, and extra long. It's rough when he has to work so hard and barely gets any time at home. It will be nice when the weekend comes! We're also finalizing Father's Day plans and I'm getting very excited. We're going to go to Fort Collins for the first time, so that will be quite the adventure!
Thanks for the homemade bonnet, grandma! We get asked where others can buy them!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

10 Weeks Old!

He's pretty insistent on bringing back the overall trend. I think he could do it.
How old
10 weeks

Hart is doing AWESOME with sleep! This momma is so happy! He goes down around 8:00, and sleeps until 6:00-7:00. He does wake up about twice a night to politely request a pacifier adjustment, but has completely self-eliminated any night feedings. YAY! His naps have fallen by the wayside, but that's something we're working on. He takes his morning nap like clockwork, but he's really fighting that afternoon nap. I wouldn't mind, but instead of napping, he's really into screaming. If he wants to stay up and hang, I'd be cool with that. Stay up and scream? No thank you. We're working on it. He usually is only asleep for 1 hour in the afternoon (when he had been doing 2), but maybe that's contributing to his stellar night sleep. Either way, I won't complain. 
Did I buy the next size of this bear sweater because I love it so much? And do I fully intend on buying subsequent sizes up until 24 month because animal ears on babies are way too cute? No comment.
Celebrating Mother's Day! We celebrated the Saturday before and I am SO glad we did (see 'Lows' for explanation). We stopped by Snooze, as per usual, and were upset by the wait time, as per usual. Luckily, I'm all about the stroller walks, so we walked around the mall and Whole Foods, and our table was ready quicker than we thought! Jon and Hart sat together and made faces at each other all breakfast, which was adorable. Then, we headed to Boulder! Hart ate when we got there, and after we walked around the Farmers' Market. It was so nice, and big! It spanned a whole block, and had tons of produce, local art/jewelry, and food! We decided on gelato for lunch (sweet cream with dark chocolate bits), local lavender honey as a souvenir, and a walk by Boulder Creek to eat our gelato. Jon took pictures of Hart and me on this really cool wall, so we decided this will be our Mother's/Father's Day traditions (until he's old enough to say no)! It was a great day, and so fun walking around Boulder with Hart.
Do you think he'll let me hold him like this when we take our 18th Mother's Day photo together?
I started to come down with the symptoms of mastitis on Mother's Day. I just felt awful all day, had a mild fever, was exceptionally weepy, and felt drained. We had planned to walk around IKEA (the Mother's Day dreams I have...), but I just couldn't. Jon had to stay home the following day because I was having such a tough time. My body hurt, my fever was high, and I really couldn't care for Hart the way I normally would. I also noticed a red, hot, sensitive patch on one of my breasts, and, thanks to the guidance of Lauren, finally admitted it was more than just a cold. I called my doctor on Tuesday morning, and the minute they heard my symptoms, they called in a prescription. After taking just one dose of antibiotic, I felt world's better and like I could climb a mountain! It's amazing how quickly that infection can affect you, and how quickly it can turn into an abscess that needs surgery to remove. I'm glad I was able to get on antibiotics quickly enough. I'm still dealing with moderate pain, but it's less painful than the early breastfeeding days so it's hard to care too much.

Going great! After a lot of consideration and discussion with Jon, I decided a week or so ago that I want to exclusively breastfeed - meaning no pumping/bottles. It was stressful for me to pump because I never knew how much he should eat, and he always ended up with an upset stomach from sucking in air or spitting up a ton. Plus, I've committed to stay home with him, so why not? This is my job, and I'm totally loving it! I got a really great nursing cover that makes me feel a ton more comfortable to nurse in public, so that helps. Another thing is that he only eats 4-5 times a day, so I might as well savor it while I can. This way I'm confident he's getting as much as he needs because he is able to eat until he's full. His growth is right on point, and he's chunking up quite well, so I'm happy with the way things are going.
He has very strict feeding times that he does NOT like wavering from. Some of his fussiest days have been when we eat an hour earlier or even eat too close together. He eats at 7:30, 11:00, 2:30, 6:00 and a snack before bed at 7:30. We're gradually moving to four feedings at 7:30, 11:30, 3:30, and 7:30, but we're letting him dictate that as he's able to go longer between feedings. A good feeding schedule is very vital to good sleep, so I'd say we're doing good on that front. I'm super lucky that he just fell into a schedule all on his own, without any guidance from me, at 10 days old. It's been smooth sailing since. (Knock on wood!)

Definitely some stronger "holding up the head" abilities happening over here. I was getting concerned because everything I was reading was saying he should hold his head up for brief periods of time during tummy time, and even attempt to hold up his upper half. Well, this guy thought tummy time was a great excuse for a snooze! He rarely even tried, so I thought his muscles probably weren't developing at the rate they should. Well, on Monday, I plopped him on the floor for tummy time and he picked his head and shoulders right up off the ground!!
The actual moment! He didn't even face-plant!
Jon was home, so it was really special that he got to experience one of these "firsts." Now, Hart's super into holding his head up. It's kind of devastating because now when I hold him on my chest, he wants to look around and he won't snuggle under my chin. I'm already missing that limp newborn neck that couldn't squirm away from me!
He's also turning into quite the chatterbox, but only if you chat back. Jon and Hart spend a lot of time "ooh"-ing and "ahh"-ing at one another. Hart is really trying to replicate/impersonate those noises, which is adorable. I'm pretty sure he said "hi" to me the other day, but I could be wrong.

Looking forward to
I always look forward to the weekends because Jon gets more time with Hart (and me of course). We had Jon's cousin, Jordan, over Thursday and I entertained a fussy Hart while Jon cooked, and then I put Hart to bed while Jon hung out with Jordan. Going to bed, we realized Jon barely even saw Hart that day. Needless to say, we take advantage of family time on the weekends. It snowed here yesterday and will gradually warm up until it's around 70 on Sunday. Hopefully we can squeeze in a park date with Happy.
Oh! I'm going to make Hart a mobile! I've read that mobiles can be bad in the crib because it stimulates the baby instead of lulling them to bed. However, we have these little stuffed animals lined up on the ledge of Hart's crib, and he stares and chats with them until he falls asleep on his own. We think a mobile might give him something to do while he's falling asleep. It also might keep him entertained when he wakes early in the morning! There are tons I'd love to buy, but they look super easy to make.I also found a super cute knitted bonnet pattern that I want to try out for Hart. I figure if this turns out, maybe I'll start selling them! Etsy, here I come!

This week's Tessie-ism
So, if you know me well, you know I slept with a stuffed husky, Dakota, until I was 20 - at which point I switched to a teddy bear. It's less weird than you think. I use it as a pillow. Stop judging. Dakota now is one of the animals that entertains Hart on his crib ledge. Needless to say, I take "comfort objects" incredibly seriously. Not that I will push it on him, but I want to give Hart lots of options. This sweet little pupper is from my Aunt Suzanne, and is the most adorable because he's just the right size for Hart right now! He comes with us on walks and adventures to get dad from work. I usually rest him on Hart's legs in the car, and he is AMAZED when the puppy MOVES (his legs are kicking), keeping him entertained. Plus, sometimes his arm snakes around the puppy and I find him holding the little guy totally unprompted. 
I'm also really into this "traffic jam" quilt from the Little Unicorn. It's incredibly soft, and gets softer with each wash. Something that I actually look forward to washing?! Okay! It currently is over Hart's dock-a-tot for easy washing (that dock-a-tot cover is a beast to put back on), so he sleeps on it every night. It also accompanies us on nightly walks because it's 4 layers of muslin so it really cushions his straps, and we can easily cover him if it's chilly. I plan to use this for adventures outside when it warms up and we find a good patch of grass and shade to hang out in. Notice our puppy friend came, too? 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

TWO MONTHS | 5-11-17

Hart Barnett Heeter
TWO MONTHS | 5-11-17

being on the changing table
car rides
watching mom and dad's faces
story time with dad before bed
grabbing mom's necklace while eating
watching Happy run around
drooling all over his hands
looking around outside
sleeping 8-10 hours a night!

when pacifier falls out of mouth
being too sleepy
baths (but coming around)

eating 6 ounces each feeding - wow!
grabbing (necklaces, shirts, chest hairs)

Things we can't live without:
ring sling
Little Unicorn traffic jam quilt
nursing clothes (even though I can barely find any)

Looking forward to:
holding head up

Dad picked out this romper last weekend!

1 month | 2 months

Saturday, May 6, 2017

8 Weeks Old!

2 feet tall this morning!
How old
8 weeks 

Hart's weight
11.6 lbs

Hart has recently moved to the nursery and he has done GREAT with the transition. He's learning really quickly how to self soothe, and has slept 6-7 hours the past few nights! He also takes pretty scheduled naps - 1 hour in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. Then he typically hangs out until we go to bed anywhere between 9-10. We're going to slowly start moving bedtime up in 15 minute increments until his last feeding is at 7:30. Hopefully he just keeps sleeping longer and longer! We're on the exact right track and at this point I think he'll be sleeping 12 hours by 3 months!
Check out this adorable muslin quilt. I'm obsessed.
Definitely Hart moving over to the nursery. I was pretty bummed about it the first night, but it is so cozy in there, and we have a really sweet bedtime routine, and it feels more beneficial to ALL of us in the long run. Plus it definitely helped that he made the leap really smooth on us. This kid. Always being the best.
On Thursday, we went downtown for lunch with Jon and it was my favorite downtown date yet - even counting all the ones we had while I was pregnant! I wore Hart and we took the bus to the Civic Center where they had "Civic Center Eats." Basically a TON of food trucks. Jon got a BBQ brisket sandwich and I got a fried catfish poboy and both were deeeelicious. For dessert we got sorbet that was 100% frozen fruit. I got a mango, strawberry, banana float that was in mandarin lime soda. It was so good! Hart did great, although he did get fussy while I was eating my sandwich over his head.
After we ate, we took the bus back, and I saw Jon's new office. It looks amazing! They're painting today, so it's only going to look better. Jon's boss made all the furniture - stained wood and dark piping desks. Jon's is a standing desk, too, so that's pretty cool. There's also a nursing room right next to his office! We used it to change Hart, but it's pretty neat to see how accessible it is for working moms - granted there was no lock on the door so that was kind of odd. It's so easy to go downtown, especially wearing Hart, and we're pretty excited to keep this up :)
We went to Golden today and went to an outlet mall! I got a great nursing dress and shorts, and Jon got pants, shorts, and a nice button down, and Hart got way too many adorable things. We signed up at Carters for their reward program, so that contributed to some spending. But everything is adorable and, honestly, we haven't bought him clothes! We've gotten all his clothes as gifts so it was fun to pick some stuff out ourselves.

Jon and I were looking at newborn pictures of Hart, and it really bummed me out to see how much he's grown. He was drowning in newborn clothes, and now it's laughable to think they ever fit him. I've also started to go through his clothes to see what we have/need for upcoming size ranges, and it's crazy to see how big he'll get in such a short amount of time. He has everything he needs for the 3-6 month size group minus a few pair of shorts and sweats that I'll probably grab on the cheap at TJ Maxx. He has TONS of overalls! I think it's pretty hilarious, and plan to have those be a summer staple. Anyway, I packed away my most favorite newborn outfits today, and really can't believe he's already moved out of a size group! And I wouldn't be surprised if he grew out of 0-3 months soon, too. It's pretty devastating.
Just LOOK at how big he looks! :(
Still being a total rockstar. He is eating every 4 hours during the day, usually has a snack right before bed, and then wakes once to eat in the middle of the night - which is quickly turning into early morning, around 4 or 5. His night feeding is gradually becoming shorter and shorter, which is great! I think he's figuring out to eat more during the day, which allows him to go longer at night. I'm trying to encourage him to guzzle down as much as he wants so that mama gets more shut eye at night!

SMILING. This has been the best so far. He smiles when you chat with him or sing to him - though it can sometimes take 10 minutes to coax one out! - and is even starting to smile when he sees Jon or me walk in the room. It's seriously heaven. I was cooking dinner the other day and then popped down to say hello as he was sitting on the Boppy, and he looked like seeing me was the happiest he'll ever be. I may have shed a tear. It's also really fun to see him with Jon. You can tell he's starting to recognize that Jon's face isn't around as much as mom's old face, so he just stares at Jon all night. He absolutely loves his dad. I don't blame him!

He is getting better at holding his head up, too. He does not really like tummy time, but will hold his head up when you hold him upright. He still is a little bobble-head-like so you gotta be careful, but still exciting!
Another big thing is that he's starting to grab onto things. He likes to hold my necklace while nursing, and will grasp Jon's chest hair, much to his dismay.

Looking forward to
Hart's two month check up is coming up, and I'm really excited to see where he's at. By our calculations, he seems to be growing at a steady pace, but it will be nice to get some confirmation. He has to get his two-month shots, which will be devastating, but I'm planning to put him right in the sling to cozy up and feel better. Knowing him, he'll be totally cool and collected.
Also, Mother's Day celebrations! We're not doing Mother's/Father's Day gifts, but rather doing a fun day out the Saturday before our special day. So I'm choosing to go to Snooze for breakfast and then to Boulder for their Farmer's Market and live music extravaganza! They have a farmers market every Saturday and live music every 2nd Saturday of the month. Perfect timing! I'm excited to wear Hart around Boulder and get some yummy food and fresh flowers. Then we're going to come home and take Happy to the dog park! And to finish the night, Jon's going to make me a dinner of my choice. I'm thinking black bean burgers, sweet potato fries, and edamame! 
It also looks like Nana and Poppy will be visiting over Memorial Day, so that will be awesome! The weather should be great by then, so hopefully we can go out and do something fun. I'm itching to go to the mountains with Hart for the first time, so this could be the perfect excuse! It will be great to see them, especially considering Hart was only a week old the last time they saw him! He sure has changed a lot since then. It's nice, too, because he's on a really consistent nap and eating schedule, so it will be easy to time things so he's not missing naps and being fussy. He'll just be his happy, smily self!

Just morning snuggles before Jon leaves for work :)


Sunday, April 23, 2017

6 Weeks Old!

How old: 6 weeks, 1 day

Hart's weight: 10.8 lbs

Sleep: Hart is still doing great with sleep! He's transitioned to 5 hours stretches at night. He sleeps from 10-3, and then eats and goes back to sleep until it's time to take Jon to work. We normally have to wake him up to leave. This weekend, he slept in 5.5 hour stretches!

Highs: The best part of the week was when Dustin, Lauren, and Genevieve babysat Hart for us to go out for dinner (Modern Market) and dessert/drinks (Breckenridge Brewery). We were gone for 3 hours, and it was the perfect stretch of time to be gone for. We did look at videos and pictures of Hart while we were eating dessert, but it was so fun to be out just us two! 
And then this morning, Logan and Linda babysat so we could go to the Alamo Drafthouse and see Beauty and the Beast. It was great, and we got delicious food and a boozy milkshake. 

Lows: I went out with Grace and Stephanie for dinner on Thursday while Jon watched Hart, and Hart had an extremely fussy night :( He has those occasionally, and it's nice to have two people so you can pass him off for a few minutes. Poor Jon had to deal with it the whole time I was gone. He was a trooper about it though.

Visitors: We had tons of visitors these past few weeks, and did a lot of fun things!
My family: My whole family came out for Easter and to meet/see Hart and it was great! It was really fun seeing Lauren, Dustin, and Genevieve meet Hart for the first time. My favorite day was Easter! We slept through church unfortunately, but met up with my family at Seasons 52 for brunch. It was delicious with bottomless mimosas and dessert and all! After, everyone came over to our apartment and we watched Moana and relaxed all day. Logan and Linda picked up pizzas from Whole Foods that were great, and we all drank beer and hung out. It was very relaxed, which I love.
Stephanie: My dear friend Stephanie visited for the weekend, and it was so great to see her in person. We chat often, but there's just nothing like face-to-face chit chat for hours on end. Stephanie spent the whole day Thursday with Hart and me and then we got some dinner with Grace. I'm so thankful she spent her time visiting us. Next stop, Houston! :)

Eating: Hart is still eating great! He eats 3 hours at a time, and we'll soon transition to 3.5 hours as he eats more at each feeding. He takes a 4 ounce bottle at night to help the feeding process speed up a bit!

Milestones: We've got a smiler! I was asking Jon why babies don't come out knowing how to smile because it makes you bond with them instantly! Hart smiles at funny noises, faces, Happy, and even blank walls. Nothing is too good for a Hart smile. 

Looking forward to: I'm contemplating chopping off my hair! Every time I cut my hair, I regret it and this is the longest my hair has ever been. However, it's hard to manage and Hart has recently taken to grabbing fistfuls of it. I have an image in my head of having long beautiful curly hair, but mine usually just looks like it needs a trim. It might be time to give up the dream and embrace the mom bob!

Hart LOVES walks. He likes to look around the whole time. 
He does not, on the other hand, like baths :(
Brothers & Besties

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

ONE MONTH | 4-11-17

Hart Barnett Heeter
ONE MONTH | 4-11-17

watching Happy roam around
snuggles before naps
looking out the apartment and car windows
bright lights to stare at
being worn by mom and dad
getting a fresh diaper
grunting as loudly as possible
listening to music

drying off from the bath
when pacifier falls out of mouth
having a wet diaper
going down peacefully for a nap
sleeping for too long
pooping quietly
being lotioned before bed

tracking things with his eyes
sleeping 4 hour stretches (some nights)
eating 4 ounces each feeding
different cries for different concerns

Things we can't live without:
Ring Sling / Baby K'Tan
Cold weather carseat cover
Pacifier clips
Muslin swaddle cloths
Bottle warmer

Looking forward to: